Asian VR scene vol.2

May 29, 2017

Second stop - China, Beijing. Such big city, so much going on, so little time. Besides meeting up with Nordic embassies and associations, and a great event at Tech Temple (with companies like Tech In Asia, SandmanVR /Greenlight, InsightsVR Core, 87870, Digitala Draken). One of the definite highlights of the tour was meeting representatives from VRVC, ViveX incubator and content divisions at Vive HQ, And to top it all - first exposure to one of the many VR cafes in China.



Directly after Beijing we headed out to Shenzhen - the hardware capital of China (and hence the world) -where we once more visited ViveX incubator, met up with the startups and companies located there, had some drone action at DJI HQ and finally a VR game arcade extravaganza. These are suppose to be a big deal in China - where a large majority of people can't afford a fully immersive VR headset, yet are very curious and excited to try it out. While all the games and hardware approaches are definitely interesting, yet execution of many of them is still quite questionable. 




Oh Yeah.

Also we met a guy named Rich Millions. What a name!












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