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Bring Your Projects to Life

Sell Off-Plan Properties Faster 

By Leveraging Breathtaking Interactive Visualizations,

3D Walkthroughs and Virtual Reality Experiences  

for Your Physical Sales Suites and Online Presence.

Live the project
Fuel the discussion
Reach everyone
Interactive Visializations

One Stop Solution for All Your Visual Real Estate Marketing Needs

We understand how easy it is to get lost among the many Property marketing options available in the digital era: from VR and 3D Walkthroughs, to CGI Video and Traditional Visualizations.

Our service is built from the bottom up to boost off-plan real estate marketing and sales, combining an effective mix of high-tech and wide-reaching solutions.

How we do it

What is Interactive Visualization?

Interactive Visualizations are custom built apps for off plan property sales. Offering unprecedented freedom of exploration and room for discussion, Interactive Visualizations are one of the best ways to exhibit a developing project.

The software is most effectively used when displayed in sales suites, expos or personal meetings with the potential property buyers.


Whether you want to present a quick and effective impression using virtual reality and a touchscreen terminal or have an in-depth discussion next to your laptop, Interactive Visualizations is the best tool available.




The platform allows me to completely reveal the property from its urban situation to the fine details in the apartment. In our sales suite we  always start the visit of our clientele with the interactive tour of the site!

Augustas Kirdeikis ,

Sales project manager at EIKA


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Sweden: 18775 Täby, Stockholm | | +46 73 634 08 36

Lithuania: Antakalnio g. 17, 10312, Vilnius

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